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Why I Became A Make Up Artist

Let me paint a picture for you...

It was late 2012 and I was having a mini career crisis for like the 500th time since I left school.  All of my other career choices had been something along the lines of: Historian, Psychiatrist, Race Car Driver, Artist, Author, Penguin... 

All I knew was that I would never be happy not doing what I loved.  And what I loved was being creative.  I always loved drawing and painting.  I drew before I knew how to write. When I was younger it was all about drawing fairy princesses and beautiful women.  Every time there was a pen and paper within my reach, you better believe I was doodling on it.  

Anyway, so during my crisis, my then-boyfriend gave me the first season of The Walking Dead to watch.  I didn't really know what it was all about but I turned it on anyway.  Turns out it was about zombies... (that's where about passion grew- zombies).  I was captivated by the level of pure awesomeness.  I couldn't get enough.  By the time I had finished the disc, I flicked onto the Specials/Extra part and watched the making of the zombies.  And that's where it all clicked for me.  I started thinking about special effects make up and how maybe I could do it?  

With a little bit of research and a ton of YouTubing, I started to teach myself the basics of make up.  I knew I loved Special Effects but thinking more about it as time went on I knew it wasn't realistic for me to have career wise.  I mean, I could if I tried but I didn't think it was what I was really meant for.  So I started to learn about beauty make up.  I did my homework and practised a lot.  I was already pretty decent at make up but I needed to up my game. My make up collection grew and so did my abilities.  

Then in June 2013 I decided that I needed to stop messing about with my life and take control.  I wanted to get properly qualified in Make Up and become a proper Make Up Artist.  I enrolled in the London School Of Make Up and Hair for a week long intensive course.  I know a week doesn't sound long for a course to become a professional.  But from what I already knew and my natural talent for it helped me progress my skill sets easily.  I kind of regret going for the beginners course as I found it way too easy.  Luckily it was only me and another guy in my class so the tutor tailored my lessons around what I didn't know and challenge me further.  

I can safely say it was the best week of my life.  I loved it.  It was also the most expensive week of my life.  But what can you do? I have gained a fancy certificate in Make Up that hangs in a silver frame on my bedroom wall.  I look at it everyday and remind myself that despite my anxieties I grabbed the bull by the horns and did it.  I actually did it!  Go me! 

I just wanted to share some of my work to date: 

I was a Mermaid!

Swollen Eye and Split Nose
My take on Joker Make up

Halloween Costume- Zombie Prom Queen! 

The Infected Part 1
The Infected Part 2

What this whole experience has taught me is not to be afraid and go for it.  At first I was scared at the thought of going college as it would be so expensive; typically I decided to realise my dreams at 20 years of age, making me too old for free education.  After exploring the freelance option, I decided it is not quite what I wanted.  I have now decided to expand on my skill set within the beauty industry and try out a new, different and exciting challenge (but more on that later!)

The main thing is, not to fret about choosing a career if you haven't already. You will get your Eureka! moment when you least expect it.  I certainly did not expect it whilst watching a TV show about a Zombie Apocalypse.  When I was first asked at 5 years old what I wanted to be when I grew up I did not think in a million years this is what I would be doing.  To be fair, as a 5 year old I really didn't have a clue and settled for Nurse.  I like fake blood, but real blood? No thanks!
I have learnt so much over these past few years of experimenting and failing and building up my skills.  There are many things I have yet to master, but I'm sure I'll get there in the end! 

Most of all, thanks The Walking Dead, not only is your show amazing, the special effects make up is mind blowing and inspirational!

Thanks for reading! xxx

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