Tuesday, 8 July 2014

5 Ways to Beat Hay Fever

Hay fever is rife this time of year and most people suffer terribly with it. From streaming eyes, itchy eyes, runny nose, dry throat, hay fever is miserable.

Here are some ways to beat the pollen and stay happy and healthy this summer.

1. Shower in the morning and night: Wash all the pollen out of your hair and face for less suffering during the day and at night.

2.  Dry clothes inside on high pollen days: When hung outside, pollen can get trapped inside the fabric, causing you more discomfort.

3. Eye drops: Itchy eye drops or dry eye drops will help you not want to scratch your eyeballs out. Potters
AllerClear Eye Drops (£2.99 Boots) helps relieve irritation from dust, pollen and air pollution.  Also safe for contact lens wearers, which is an added bonus. Also, avoid eye make up if it is really bad.  Panda eyes are not a good look.

4.  Allergy Medicines:  Over the counter hay fever tablets can work well enough, but if you still suffer after taking a one-a-day tablet, then ask your pharmacist or doctor to see what they can recommend for you. They may also be able to check which type of pollen affects you and help you from there.

5. Sunglasses:  A good pair of big sunnies will help protect your eyes when the pollen count is high.  

I hope these little tips will help if you've been suffering for a long time! 

Thanks for reading! xxx
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